Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Stress?

I am so sick of hearing people say, "I'll be glad when the holidays are over!". I absolutely love this time of year and am always sad to see them go.

I wonder how a time that is meant to be joyous and fun has become such a stress inducer? Could part of the reason lie in "your greeting"? "Happy Holidays" is PC and mainstream. I urge all Christians to be "rebels" and say Merry Christmas!!

Whenever I hear the groans, I can't help but think that person has forgotten what Christmas is about. Well, duh. I mean, who actually celebrates Christ-mas anymore? Instead of it being a time of reflection on the Greatest Gift Ever Given, we have decided to turn it into a time when we wreak havoc on ourselves and all those around us. We HAVE to get little Johnnie that Wii or he will just DIE cause ALL his friends are getting one and we don't want to look like bad parents! Furthermore, we have to go here, go there, buy an expensive gift for everyone we know, including the cashier at the corner market, cause we don't want to be called cheap, thoughtless, or selfish. In the meantime, all we have really accomplished is making our selves sick and drowning in debt. By the time we stop to enjoy Christmas, it has passed.

Please, please, I urge everyone to slow down! Remember what we are celebrating here! I have been criticized for not making a big "hooplah" out of Santa. I've been told that children need the excitement and stories of the north pole and elves and reindeer. I disagree. Know why? Cause I think you can't get a more exciting story than the nativity story! I told it to Helana just yesterday, using common words she'd understand and variations of my tone. She was spell-bound, eyes big and grin with excitement. I've managed to get her excited about Christmas without filling her head with untruths. Of course, she is an American child so she knows about santa, but in our home the term "santa" is used to represent a concept of giving to those we love. We have her some gifts to open Christmas morning, we just aren't telling her they are from a "jolly-old elf".

Now, please understand, I am not criticizing those families who "do santa". I grew up with him myself. All I am simply saying is, please try and take the time to "soak up" what Christmas is all about. Your calm reflection and joy will be a greater gift than santa or "the holidays" can ever bring.

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TracyLJones said...

I agree that we focus on the wrong things at Christmas. My family has decided not to exchange gifts this year, instead we are all just going to enjoy each other's company and be thankful for the time that we have together.

Also, I think the best thing a parent can do is be honest with their kids about Santa. I mean, if you start off telling your kids lies to make them feel good, then how are they ever going to know when they can trust you and the value of honesty.