Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I am 31 today- happy birthday me! And happy Valentine's Day to all you love birds out there! Joey says for me to choose where I want to go out to eat tonight, but honestly, I just feel like getting a pizza, an ice-cream cake from DQ and curling up on the couch! HA HA.

Joey's knee is healing at what seems to be a healthy and normal rate. He is able to walk a couple of feet without crutches.
We've all had a bug this week. I was sick with what felt like the flu on Tues. but am now just battling a sinus thing and sore throat. Helana has a slight cough. Joey feels like he is getting the flu.
We met with Helana's pediatrician today concerning her behavior and language delay. He is referring us to a child's psychologist as step one. After that, he may put her on ADHD medication. They want a psychologist's input before putting a child under 6 on that type of medication. I am actually relieved and feel very optimistic about meeting with the psychologist.
Joey's knee a few days after surgery. (notice the "yes" above his left knee-hee hee)

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