Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Update

Well, we had a wonderful Mother's Day. Joey and Helana presented me with a Japanese Maple and a rose bush.

Father's Day started out well, but hit a scary climax when Joey was taken by ambulence to the hospital. He was on his way back from taking Dakota home when his heart started racing and he grew faint and jittery. He pulled over and called 911. Turns out, he was having a panic attack. Dr. Jackson prescribed him some meds to take when he feels another spell approaching. His heart and blood sugar tested healthy.

Joey has still been unable to find a permanent job. Although this causes some stress (obviously, see above), we are still confident that God is in control and has something great planned for him. None of it makes sense to us, but He knows what is best and His promises are true. He has already blessed us through Mark Moore, a brother-in-Christ who has hired Joey to help out with odd jobs such as roofing and mowing hay. We know He will continue to bless and are anxious to see what He has in store for us next.

The plants in front are our mystery plants, or as we call them, "our manna from Heaven". We did not plant them. They are much, much bigger now and the other day we discovered the beginnings of a watermelon. Yum!

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