Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Nights

Okay, so we really only watch t.v. two nights a week. Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday is Biggest Loser (guilty pleasure of mine)but Monday nights are torturous. The two best shows on television come on the same night at the same time. 24 and Heroes.

I mean, come on, there hasn't been a more innovative, creative, courageous(and just--plain-lucky) man's man like Jack Bauer since MacGuyver. In fact, he makes ol' Mac look like a cub scout.

On the other hand, who can wait to tune in to see if Sylar is going to be a villian or hero this week? He's a villian you love to love and cannot help but cheer. (Hey he certainly beats the whiney, know-it-all teenage blondie cheerleader that you really would rather slap than root for....perhaps that's why she can't get hurt...)and let's not forget the "intelligence is sexy" Mohinder and the lovable Peter who, I might add, ever so slightly resembles Rocky or Rambo on occasion.

Well this tirade must be postponed for a non-tv night, seeing as how I now have only an hour to decide which show to watch and which to record.

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