Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mid-Year Assessment

Despite her learning challenges, Helana is doing quite well this year. She loves school.

So far we have covered:

Science: seasons


5 senses

caring for God's earth

Earth revolving around sun

Geography: using a globe

names of continents/oceans

brief highlights of continents

difference between continent and country

directions of the earth on a compass

History: Independence Day
First Americans
Christopher Columbus

Math: Recognition of numbers 1-12



Counting to 20

Size (small/large; biggest, longest shortest etc)

Writing numbers*

Reading: letter sounds as well as recognition

sight words: come, see, look, at, apple, the, God, cat, sat, mat, hat, on, it,house

me, can*, an, and


color words brown, blue, yellow, red, green, purple, orange

recognizing rhymes

Writing: can adequately write the letters A, a, c, e, H, h, i, l, m, n, o, t,x

Basic Skills: colors



name of country and state

cutting with scissors

Helana can recite Gen. 1:1 which is the foundation of all knowledge. She still requires a lot of one-on-one help and cannot complete most work on her own. However, she is excited to learn and enthusiastic.

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