Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A shout out to our Doc

For a couple weeks now Helana has been complaining of a stomach ache. She has frequent urination, so I took a sample to her doctor to check for a kidney infection. The test came back clean, but he gave her some medicine to help with anything that might be there.
Let me just say, we love Dr. J. Sure, some people may find him to be a bit kooky, but that's part of the charm. He is the only doctor I have ever been to that actually shows he cares. He spends time with his patients. He doesn't appear and leave in a flash leaving you wondering if the visit was really worth it. I realize, of course, that other doctors probably do care but their workload leaves them rushed and overwhelmed. Well, if Dr. J can keep a steady and faithful patient base that is willing to spend 2 hours in a doctor's office, then he must be doing something right. He is hardly ever on time and there have been many times we've arrived at his office before he does, but he is worth it cause he takes the time to listen and he respects his patients intuition and never talks down to them (though he is intelligent enough to have gone to college at the age of 15). So, here's to you Dr. J! We love ya!

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