Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writing and "Mr. C"

For months Helana has been unable to write anything beyond her name, and that was not very legible.  We are having a breakthrough.  I find she enjoys practicing her writing on the chalk board much more than paper, so that is what we do.  We are taking the words she knows and slowly learning to write each one.

Today, with a little help and prompting, she wrote "am", "at", "all" and "sat".  We then talked about a sentence.  I wrote "The cat sat." and asked her to write it as well.  She did, with a little help.  You may recall she wrote Ms. Ruth a note last week.  She did really well.  I know that with practice and consistency, she will do just fine.

We also discussed the letter C today and introduced the words cake, car, call and cat; as well as come, a word she has been learning.                                                                                                                       

One thing I've noticed about Helana's writing.  She writes from right to left, despite my reminding her that we read and write from left to right. For example, when writing "am", she makes the "m" first.  Yet another early sign of dyslexia?

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