Friday, April 16, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name?

We gave our children their names b/c 1. We like unusual names (no chance of knowing 5 other Helana's or Eastwoods)  and 2. we like the meanings. 

Helana derives from Helen and Anna.  Helen means "light" or "torch" and Anna means "grace".  Helana's middle name is Grace.  She's a double dose of grace (and we need it! lol).  She's also a light to everyone who meets her.

I chose Eastwood cause I wanted a name that, to us anyway, represents grit.  Well, I just took a look at and of course Eastwood isn't listed, but the name "East" is and it means "grace". 

So, we really are grace-full; a life filled with grace.

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