Monday, April 5, 2010

Rule Number One

Rule Number One when dealing with a special needs child:  listen to what they are saying and take them seriously.  What may seem like rambling or the typical efforts of a child avoiding going to bed, may actually be something worth taking seriously.  I learned this lesson tonight the hard way.

Helana is going on a two-night trip to TN with my parents tomorrow so I put her to bed a little early.  After laying there jabbering for a bit, she tells me "pooh pooh".  She often uses the "pee pee" tactic to get out of bed a zillion times, so I told her no and to go to sleep.  Within a few minutes an unpleasant smell filled the room.  Helana had done her business in her pants, pulled them down and smeared it all over her legs and hands.  (I must admit, it is very embarrasing to tell this-but someone may find it helpful to at least know they are not alone.)

Well, obviously I gave her her second bath of the evening all the while trying to balance my reaction between pity, guilt at not listening to her, and explaining to her why this behavior is not okay.  I mean, what do you do?  She tried telling me and I brushed it off.  She obeyed me by staying in the bed.  It wouldn't be fair to punish her if she doesn't understand, yet I must find a way to help her understand the dangers and inappropriateness (not to mention GROSS-ness) of what she did.

I guess this is what I meant when I titled the blog MisAdventures in homeschooling.

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