Monday, April 19, 2010

We have a winner-science experiment

Last Monday we began the science experiment to see which environment would first produce a seedling.

We had hypothesized it would be the outside flower pot that receives sun from the south and west, but then Dad planted a tree in the pot so we assumed that environment was disturbed and was no longer valid.  So, we changed our hypothesis to the terra-cotta pot.  Well, the winner is:

It is the seed planted in the baby food jar, located inside facing the east window.
Two of the other three environments also have the beginning of a plant, but they are not as big as this one.

Ta-Da!  This was the pot that had been invaded by the tree!

This is the barrel located outside, receiving sun from the east and south.  There are several seedlings here.

The small terra-cotta pot hasn't produced anything yet.

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