Monday, April 12, 2010

Which Will Grow First?

Helana is conducting her very first science experiment entitled "Which will grow first?".  It isn't a perfect experiment, but will give her a good idea of how to conduct one in the future.  More importantly, she'll learn from it nonetheless.

Purpose:  To determine in which environment marigold seeds will first sprout.

Environments:  small glass jar, potting soil with pebbles for drainage, placed inside facing a window facing east.
                        small terra-cotta pot with soil also inside facing the same east window

                       medium-sized plastic flower pot, potting soil, placed outside receiving sun from both the south and west
                       large wooden barrel, with flowers already present, outside, receiving sunlight from east and south

Helana's Hypothesis:  The seeds in the outside pot receiving sunlight from the south and west will grow first.

She will moisten each environment daily and record weekly observations. 

We discussed possible hindrances for each environment; such as, the ones outside have a slight danger of frost while the seeds indoors do not receive as much natural sunlight.  Other possible factors would be rain.

I think she is going to enjoy caring for and observing her seeds to see which will grow first.  Then we'll both have a good time planting them in our flower gardens!

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