Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book Review: Donald's Book of Alphabet-ABCs and Numbers of Baby Teeth

Time for another book review.  This time it is Donald's Book of Alphabet-ABCs and Numbers of Baby Teeth by Aretha Yamusah.
             Gist of the story:  little Donald is five years old and is about to begin Kindergarten the following day.  He is fascinated with his baby teeth and while preparing for bed, decides to count his teeth and "label" them with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.  He discovers he has twenty teeth that go from A to T.  He then completes the alphabet by making up appropriate rules for good oral hygiene.

This is actually a very cute little story with sweet illustrations (by Rhonda Libbey) and is good as an exercise for counting to twenty and saying the alphabet.  The language is simple and the text is a good size and font that makes it easy for an early reader.  Of course, it also teaches a good lesson about proper dental care!

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