Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Great Tool for Helping ADHD-ers

Helana has an attention problem. We no more than sit down for school when she says "take a break". I have found a great way to help her stay focused and on task is to set a timer. I use just an everyday kitchen timer. I show her that we have 15 minutes to work on such and such and then we can take a break. When she asks a few minutes later for a break, I remind her that the timer has not yet buzzed. I remain true to my word, and when the timer goes off, we take a short break. Since she has SPD as a sensory seeker, we usually fill the break time with some kind of high energy/hard work activity so she is better able to sit still for the next school session. She is satisfied with that and we accomplish a lot more in that 15 minutes than when we didn't use this technique.

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