Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review: Truth in Stories: Ages 4 through 6

I was recently given the opportunity to read and review a book entitled Truth in Stories: For Ages 4 through 6; written by Ammama. 

               Note to Parents:   These stories are for young children ages 4 through 6.  They are fun to read yet they deal with real problems in our society today.  Children need to make right choices at an early age.  Children need to know how to discern good from evil.  1. Children need to know how to make the right choice at an early age. 2. Children need rules to live by.  3. Children need to be taught moral values when they are young. 4. Children must know a person does right because it is right to do so.

             About the author:  After working with young children at her church for over thirty years, Ammama has seen many of the subjects she has addressed in her book come up time and time again.  A retired nurse and native of Kentucky, in her spare time she enjoys sewing, reading, and writing.

I have mixed feelings about this book.  I love the character-building stories it offers set to real-life situations pertinent to the age group it was written for.  I like that it is "real literature" as opposed to the fluff so commonly found.  It offers an opportunity for quiet story time followed by parent/child discussion of the morals presented.  Each story is appropriate in length for young children and the language easy to understand.  I also like how descriptive the author is.
However, it is not an "early reader".  There are no illustrations, apart from the cover, which many young children enjoy and even require when learning to read.  The text takes up the entire page, as in adult books, and is printed in rather small font.  I would recommend this book to a slightly older age group if you intend to use it as quiet read-on-your-own time.  Helana has no interest in trying to read it on her own because of the smaller font; it makes it difficult for her to seperate each word.


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