Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Storm Warning, Revised, by Billy Graham

I am delighted to have the opportunity to review Brother Billy Graham's newly revised Storm Warning.
I'm certain I'd be hard-pressed to find any adult in America who has not heard of Billy Graham, whether they share in his faith or not.  He first wrote the book in 1992, but in light of recent events, decided to print a revised version. 

Storm Warning discusses a topic about which I feel very strongly: Bible prophecy and how it relates today.  Therefore, I am inclined to discuss the book in great detail.  However this is a book review, not a book report, so I'll keep it short and simple.  The purpose of a book review is to express whether or not I liked the book and if I'd recommend it to others.  But first, I will list of few highlights so you may decide if it is a book you'd find interesting.

The underlying theme of the book can be summed up in these two lines:  "Just as a laser pen helps focus attention on vital aspects of a business presentation, in this book I hope to use God's Word-His laser beam-to shed light on His revealed plan to save the human race from the explosive clouds rumbling through our world.  Benevolent hands reach down from heaven to offer us the most hopeful warning and remedy: Prepare to meet your God." 

Brother Graham writes with passion and simplicity.  His "tell-it-like-it-is" approach is honest, insightful and engaging.  He addresses such topics as "signs of the times", "inside the Apocalypse", a summary of sorts of Revelation 6 and wraps it up with the Christian's blessed Hope, "The Savior reigns".

Mr. Graham assures us that, though we cannot know the hour of Christ's return, we can recognize the season.  He uses the metaphore of an approaching storm to reveal how we can take notice of the changing winds and signs of the impending tribulation and ultimate Glorious Appearing of the King of Kings.

This book is for anyone who may have an interest in "end times" events and prophecy and for all who are searching for answers to this chaotic and uncertain age in which we are living.

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Manda said...

Oooo... this interests me, thanks for the info.

Marcia said...

you are very welcome

Mom of Many said...

I would LOVE to read this! He is so near to come. I am full of hope and anticipation that He will return in my lifetime!!!