Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seusical the Musical

This afternoon Helana and I attended the matinee performance of Seusical the Musical, at Ragged Edge Community Theater.  She loved it!
She has attended plays before and did fine, but I was still a little nervous to see how she would behave.  She has a history of hugging everyone she sees, and that is what usually happens at such an event.  However, her ST and OT have been trying to teach her that hugs are for family.  I was curious to see if I would have to remind her today. 
Preshow she was fine.  We found our seats, front row center.  She patiently waited for it to begin.  But then the auditorium began to fill up with people and chatter.  With a snap of a finger, she became fidgety; tugging at her jean skirt, tugging at mine, practically laying down in her seat etc.  That lasted only moments because the show began.  A stage full of older kids singing and dancing, along with the cat in the hat, is Helana’s heaven.  At least I had enough foresight to request the front row, because Helana was immediately on her feet trying to imitate the performers.  She requested all the costumed dresses for Christmas, as usual. 
In short, she had the time of her life and I teared up at seeing her so happy.  While she reacted to the background noise of a crowded room, she showed no aversion whatsoever to the bright lights, music and activity of a musical.   Fantastic time! 
I enjoy going to the theatre (I have a BA in drama, emphasis in directing and stage management which of course I rarely use since I chose to home school), so I predict Helana will be my theatre buddy.  Next up? Let you know in a week or so.

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