Saturday, July 17, 2010


A word about Dakota.  Dakota is Joey’s nearly-fifteen-year-old son and my bud.  He lives with his mom full-time, but visits us when he can.  He is our athlete.  At one time, he played basketball, football and softball.  He tells me that he is just going to focus on basketball this year.  He will be a freshman in high school and that blows my mind.  He was seven when J and I got married and now he’s all grown up.  :( 

We are very proud of the young man he is becoming.  Not only is he athletic, but he is also smart, polite and respectful.  He’s wonderful with his half-siblings and seems to be respectful of the young ladies. 

He and I went with my church youth group to a minor league baseball game the other night.  It was a blast.

Dakota also likes to hunt deer and turkey and look for arrowheads (traits he gets from his dad).

So that is our teenager, the original prince, and a true treasure.


102_2322 (He looks like he could be mine, doesn’t he?)

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