Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Day

Dad has been working lots of mandatory overtime lately and has become but a shadow in our home.  Well, he has today off!  So today is family day!

It began with Dad getting his latest ebay purchase in the mail.

102_2362 Yep, it is a buck mount.  A very pretty one, I might add……well as pretty as the head of a dead animal on a plaque can be, but I won’t get into that!


The kids had fun helping him unpack.102_2363

Then they had some fun with the packaging.102_2358  102_2359102_2360  Is there anything more versatile and fun than a big cardboard box?  I think not.


Beauty had a great proprioceptive opportunity in bursting the air-filled plastic bags used in shipping by stomping on them.


(Can you guess what’s on the t.v. in the background?  My favorite movie and it is quickly becoming one of Beauty’s too-that’s right, The Princess Bride!)

….to be continued…….

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