Friday, August 13, 2010

A look at today

Pretty good day today. I bought myself some new multivitamins. These are called StressTabs. They have the usual vitamins in them but must have a certain combination that helps relieve stress. They actually seem to help!

Helana spent the night with Mama Jean last night, so I sent her backpack full of school work for them to do today. She came home earlier than expected, but did manage to get in her math work. Mama Jean tells me they worked on telling time by the hour, which she did well on except she still gets 10-12 confused. They also did a worksheet on addition which she did well on too, though she required a lot of verbal prompting. That is no surprise.

Since Helana is usually a little keyed up upon returning from a visit with Mama Jean, I thought it best to get a little sensory fun in before beginning her reading lesson. We washed the Blazer. This is ideal for "hard work", tactile (sudsy water) and just plain water fun on a hot August day.
She almost got me here!

Later in the day we completed reading lesson # 12 from Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons. Today's lesson introduced "d" and reviewed short a, long e, t, s, r and m.  It also taught her how to keep the a silent in the words "eat" and "seat".
We read The Velveteen Rabbit at storytime.  Before bed, Helana read to me Book One in the first series of the Bob Books.  It was awesome to observe her putting into practice what she is learning in her lessons.  I told her it must make her really happy to have read a book all by herself.  Her face simply lit up as it always does when praised.

I'll close this post with some cute pics of my Snug Bug.


SquirrelQueen said...

I was reading some of your older posts. Hope the multivitamins help.

Washing a car is always a great activity for a hot summer day. She looks like she is having fun. Your little Snug Bug is adorable.

Have a great weekend!

Mom of Many said...

It has been so long since I've been able to stop by. The kids look so much bigger! I'm so proud of Helana. It's exciting to hear what she's doing. Can't wait till my little one is reading. That's what scares me the most about homeschooling, teaching someone to read. The kids are beautiful! Hugs!!