Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time for some real ACTION!

Sometimes I feel really bummed and frustrated with Helana’s special needs.  I find myself maintaining a mental catalogue of all her challenges.  She has so many autistic tendencies, yet we are told her eye contact is too good to be autistic.  She was diagnosed with Mental Retardation-unspecified, but seems so bright.  In some ways she is very much 6, but in so many other ways she is 6 going on 4.  She appears to have ADHD and noticeable trouble concentrating.  Her “good” eye contact seems to be digressing instead of improving.  Yes,  she is beginning to speak in several word sentences, but rarely says anything beyond animated jabber that is completely irrelevant to the moment and still does not respond when asked basic questions; such as her name and age. She has SPD.  The list goes on and on.

We had her on Ritalin out of desperation, but then took her off because she began complaining of a belly ache and became physically aggressive after about a year of being on it.  We prefer to NOT have her on any pills, but it is obvious we cannot continue on our current path.  We take one step forward and five back.

So yesterday, after a challenging reading lesson where she struggled to even look at the book straight-on, I thought “This is it! Enough! This must change!”  The occasional sensory input scattered throughout the day is not making much of a difference in her behavior and very little in helping her attention span.  Thus, I googled.

I googled  natural treatments for ADHD,  for starters.  Priority number one is to help her be able to look at her school work, instead of the tilt-a-whirl her eyes are usually engaged in.  What I found is not surprising.  I’ve read it all before, but for some reason have never gotten around to applying any of it!  Laziness?  Yep.  Scatter-brained? Most certainly!

Well, that is all about to change.  Denial only produces negative change and so does apathy and procrastination.  I’ve been playing the “tomorrow will be different” game.  NO MORE!  TODAY is the beginning of a new life for Helana.  Joey and I have been made stewards of her life, spirit and soul for a short time and no longer will we waste that!

The Plan:   Test to see if her behavior and attention is directly related to her diet (duh, I know).  The article I read suggested going off all cow’s milk dairy for at least 6 weeks.  Check!  Bought her Soymilk today, which she’s had before and likes.  Limit, if not completely eliminate, processed foods, sugar and red #40.

                   Take her to see the chiropractor.   Apparently, many children with ADHD have a “jammed occiput” at the base of the cranium.  Adjustments should correct this.  Worth a try, right?

                   Give her natural supplements to  help with focus and concentration, as well as to rid her body of any metal toxins.  We live in a home with old pipes.  Ya never know.  If she has toxins, the supplement will cleanse her body of it, if she doesn’t then nothing will happen.  No side effects.

Lastly, I will be more persistent in creating a calm, loving environment.  Joey and I are pretty quiet people, but there are other care givers that are, quite frankly, loud and excitable.  I will request once again that they “reign in” their own volume and nervous energy. 

So that’s the plan. To read the article from which I received my information, click here.  Anyone else have any suggestions?

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