Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Fun at Devine’s Corn Maze

Last night Beauty, Lil’ Cowboy and I went with our church to Devine’s Corn Maze, a local pumpkin patch.  We had a blast.

104_2608 Isn’t this a neat idea for a slide?


104_2611 Over in the corner is a TV with a video explaining how to milk a cow and the overall process.

104_2613 The lambs were so soft and sweet.  Beauty loved them.

104_2614 Eastwood thought he wanted to pet them too, but when the mama “baaaa”-ed in his face he decided he definitely DID NOT want to touch them.

104_2615 104_2621 On the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, Beauty sat with Mama Jean (my mother) and Lil’ Cowboy sat in Granddaddy's lap.104_2622

104_2623 104_2625

104_2626 Lil’ Cowboy with Mama Jean and Granddaddy.

104_2630 riding the “Cow Train”.  Another neat idea made from everyday farm materials.


If you look closely you can see Lil’Cowboy.  He looks so small!


104_2636 Beauty’s not too sure about this pic!

104_2645 Yet another cute idea….a pendulum swing made from a drain pipe.


It was an awesome time.  I wish we could’ve stayed for the bonfire, but it was getting too chilly for Lil’ Cowboy to be outside in the night air and he kept taking his socks off!

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Anonymous said...

Loved your pictures! Please don't forget about our photo contest at By the way, ask Grand daddy if he'd like some fries! lol.. Thanks for your awesome comments. We loved having you all!