Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Birthday Parties

Last night, on E’s actual birthday, we celebrated with Dad cause he had to work night shift and would miss the party at the park the next day.

He LOVED his birthday cupcake!

104_2649 104_2652 104_2651

104_2661 104_2662 And the Tonka truck from Dad!


This afternoon we had him a party with extended family members.

104_2667 Having fun on the swing.

104_2669 Sister Helana and cousins Tessa and Emma.

104_2670 Great- Uncle Jeff

104_2671 Granddaddy


104_2676 Fun with Great-Aunt KK (yes, she’s my aunt but is only 11 years older than me)

104_2678 vroom vrooooommm

104_2680 On-lookers: Mama Jean, Granddaddy, Great-Uncle Jeff

104_2681 weeeeee!

104_2682 Memama (Great-Grandmother)

104_2683 More yummy cupcakes!

104_2684 104_2685 That’s my son, having to smell everything! Thanks Memama!

104_2686 Army hat from Aunt Stacey and soon-to-be-uncle Nathan.

104_2689 Thanks Emma!

104_2690 Thanks Tessa!

Thanks everyone for such a fun and special day!

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