Monday, November 8, 2010

How we came to home school and our style-Part One

The decision to home school is one that often comes by various paths.
When Beauty was born and very small,  hubby mentioned he thought she should be home schooled.  Having been well-trained by the institution of public school and being as smart as I was, I scoffed at the idea.  No way was that going to happen!  He just shrugged and said it was up to me.
Then one day, when Beauty was 2, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  “You need to reconsider home schooling Helana”.  It was that voice deep inside, the soft yet firm voice we Christians know to be the Holy Spirit.  “But, she won’t have any friends!  I am not a teacher!” the excuses went on and on.  “Just look into it.” was His reply.  So, I scoured the first Christian bookstore I came to for something on home schooling.  I mean, what’s the harm in looking, right?  I ended up purchasing Debra Bell’s Ultimate Guide to Home Schooling.  By the time I read and re-read the book, I knew I could not ignore it any longer.  I was going to be a home school mom.  God used Ms. Bell to convince me that I COULD do it.  (Note: Ms. Bell does not force it down your throat, she is very firm in her conviction that it is a choice every family must make for itself.  She just helps you get started if you ARE ALREADY considering it.).
Being the clutter-free nut and organizing junkie I am, I immediately began imagining and preparing for a traditional school atmosphere at home.  I made plans in my mind.  “We will not read fluff and those irrelevent easy readers.  Beauty will be brought up on the classics.  Books of substance.” I thought.  “She will be reading by age four”.  The plans grew. 
Well, you know what they say about when man plans.  That’s right. God laughs.  He has such a funny bone, that One.  I’m sure if He were in fleshly-form, He’d have cracked a rib at me.
Turns out, not only was I not going to get my organized school, but my daughter would be a special learner requiring me to throw out all my ideals and start from scratch….  to be continued….

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Mom of Many said...

I absolutely can't wait to read part two! This is so interesting Marcia. I love seeing how others came to the decision to homeschool!