Friday, January 21, 2011

A Godly Woman’s Wardrobe Part One

There seems to be a lot of discussion in the Christian woman blogosphere about how a woman should dress.  I must admit I was surprised to find so many women committing to only wearing skirts/dresses.  Apparently, this is unofficially termed as “modest dress”.   I was also surprised to find that these women actually look very lovely and attractive.  My occasional passing-in-the-store a woman who chooses to wear only skirts has not left a good impression on me.  I often wondered, “I know they are doing this for reasons pertaining to their faith, and that is commendable, but at the same time they aren’t really winning any points for Christians in the eyes of the secular world”. 

You see, 100% of the women I would see dressed this way also had either unruly hair half falling from a bun or long straight stringy hair that looked unwashed.  And they all wore tennis shoes with the skirts, and of course no makeup.  It would sadden me really, to see these ladies.  I understand the call to “be ye separate” and beauty coming from the inside and all that, BUT I also know that we live in a world where first impressions are everything and looks are a big deal. 

Our goal should be to live in such a way that an unbeliever would look at us and our lives and say, “Hey, I want what she has”.  Unfortunately, appearing as though you don’t care how you look will get you no where.  If I, as a Christian, pity the woman I described above, how can she ever expect to be taken seriously by nonbelievers?

My advice to these women would be to take a look at some of the lovely ladies who blog about biblical womanhood and modest dress.  They truly are lovely, and in addition to their lovely spirits is an outward adornment that is pleasing and inviting.  In my opinion, they look like the heiresses they are.

In the “grand scheme of things” though, what we wear is only part of our witness to the world.  I’ll continue this thought later…..


Toyin O. said...

very good thoughts, it is not what we wear outside, but what is inside our heart that God is looking at.

Debra said...

Agree 100%. If purity of heart shines through our countenance, outer attire is secondary. Too many major on the minors.
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Marcia said...

Thanks Debra, I'm already a follower!

Toyin, thanks for stopping by. I now follow you too!

Martianne said...

I have sons and a daughter. I ususally put my daughter in skirts, becasue I like them and so does she. But, in the winter she wears leggings or pants with them

I, personally, have chosen to wear (mostly) only skirts, but that is because I have always felt most comfortable in skirts and was trying to simplify my too-big wardrobe.

Likewise, I have chosen to wear more modest clothes - gone not only are my former tight jeans and cords, most of my mini-skirts (which become to revealing when bending and playing with young kids) and tighter/deeper cut tops.

I kept a few pairs of more modest pants and shorts for work hiking, etc. I believe simplicity is key and am trying to move toward it. and modesty should be a compass point in the movement!

That said, I am guilty of no make-up - but I have never worn it, save for weddings, proms and acting endeavors.

And, I have always been "natural" regarding hair, etc. Low maintainance is my personal preference and a time/finances thing for me, too.

That said, I do not think poorly of those who wear pants, makeup or spend hours at salons. Each of us has out own style. And, truly, the women whose style is different than mine are often so gorgeous!

So, how do I see a "Godly Woman's Wardrobe" - as modest, somewhat simple, a choice that reflects the unique beauty of her as the woman God made her.