Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No OT?

If you follow A Grace-full Life, you may recall that I am in the process of getting Helana evaluated by the special ed department at the public school.  The purpose is to see if she qualifies for speech services and/or anything else they may be able to provide while I continue to home school.  Well, the test consultant and the OT came by for a home visit yesterday morning.  Normally they would observe her in her classroom, but since she is home schooled, they came here.

The OT said Helana’s motor skills were intact.  Helana displayed her fine motor skills by doing a worksheet then a little needlepoint.  The OT said it was great.  She is able to switch from one hand to another smoothly as well as use both hands at the same time.  There is a little concern about her eye tracking though.  That may be an attention problem instead of a physical one.

The OT also said Helana has an excellent pencil grip, using the tripod method.  Way to go!104_3105

Next up, we will have a speech eval and a meeting with the school psychologist.  In the end, the school will present me with IEP if I choose to enroll her in the fall, or a list of services if I continue to home school.

I am very curious to see how the school’s results compare to those from The Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center. A year has passed, so I am sure there will be some difference.


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Way to go Helana!

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