Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I’ve read two interesting blogs just now.  If you haven’t already checked out The Devotion Cafe or The Devoted Woman, do so after you read this post!  Both posts had to do with being wasteful.  So, between those and the self-reflection that always comes with a new year, I cannot help but evaluate my own wastefulness.
We hear it every where this time of year, don’t we?  Resolutions of all sorts, most of which have their roots in being wasteful in one form or another.  The obvious of course is sticking to a budget.  Then there is losing weight.  Well, over eating is a way of wasting the bodies God has given us.  Being lethargic and not caring for our bodies is wasteful.  Most addictions are wasteful.  That is money that could be used for the glory of God, not to mention that some addictions are also harmful to our bodies.  When people “resolve” to quit smoking, they are simply saying they want to stop wasting their money and their lives on something that brings no benefit.
We think about being wasteful in other ways as well.  Such as, turning on the shower ten minutes before getting in is wasteful.  Leaving all the lights on in the house while gone is wasteful.  Allowing food to spoil or be thrown away is wasteful.  But are there other ways we can be wasteful?
The Devoted Woman posted a poem that suggested we are wasteful when we don’t do all that we can each day for the Lord; when we waste TIME.  Time.  Time we spend in front of the TV when we should be productive.  Time we spend gossiping on the phone when we should be studying God’s Word.  Ah, time.
This brings me to my own self-reflection.  I feel as though I stay occupied throughout each day, yet am almost completely unproductive.  Even worse, I find myself wondering “What was worthwhile about today?”.  That is a sad commentary for a mom who is supposedly devoted to “nurturing eternal souls”.  Sure, Beauty and I spent TIME doing school lessons today, but did I really teach her anything?  Am I taking TIME to evaluate my every move and word as to how it may affect the character of my children?  Am I just fulfilling obligations without enjoying the moment?  Am I engaging in a phone conversation with a dear friend or family member without being a blessing to them?  I am ashamed of the answers.  I tell Beauty every day that we need to do everything for the glory of God, but does she actually see that being lived out?
If I do not train my children to be a blessing to others, hard workers, gentle, kind, patient servants of the Lord then I have WASTED my gift of motherhood.  God forbid!


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