Friday, February 18, 2011

School Eval Update

Today was intended to finish up H’s evaluations at the school; meeting with the speech pathologists and the academic side of the psychologist evaluation. 

The final speech eval went fine, with minor issues of her attention swaying.  The session with Ms. Adams from the psychology department did not go so well though.  Helana was just not cooperating and gave the impression she had not learned any thing but “M” for the past three years.  She was also looking under the table and turning upside down in her chair.  Fortunately, Ms. Adams realized it was a bad time and not an actual reflection of Helana’s behavior/knowledge.  At least that is what I am hoping.  We are going to try again next week, at an earlier time so maybe she won’t be so worn out.

We are considering putting her back on ADHD medicine but are waiting for the final report from the school to see what they suggest.  I really hate the thought of medicating my child and wish there was a natural way to help her focus. 

We also must get to the bottom of her reading difficulty.  When I say difficulty, I mean the fact that she always feigns fatigue when time to read.  “I’m tired. Take a break” is what I hear every day during reading time, even though she just had a nap or finds the energy to play outside.  I know it is a way to avoid doing what she doesn’t want to do and most of the time I do not give in.  It does make me wonder though…..could it be early signs of dyslexia?  I mentioned this to Ms. Adams and am curious to learn the special ed team’s opinion.  Not only does she have difficulty focusing on a page, reading, but she also has a difficult time with directional and positional words/concepts. 

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Kristine said...

I hope they can give you some concrete answers about her reading.Hoping too when they retest it will be a better time for her. Let's hope since she is a professional that she realizes that H knows more and it just wasn't a good time for her.