Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dinosaur Study

We are creationists.  This means we believe God created the world in six literal days.  This worldview can be best explained by the good folks at Answers in Genesis.  I also recommend their Answers books, volumes 1-3. I find they are an excellent resource for putting into words what I have always believed but was unable to effectively communicate.

Anyway, since we believe the world was created in six literal days that means we believe that the dinosaurs were created on day 6 along with all the other land creatures. Our long term home schooling goals include equipping our children with the ability to effectively defend their worldview, thus, I find it necessary to not only teach them the Biblical worldview, but also make them knowledgeable about secular opinion.  However, teaching multiple opinions on dinosaurs (such as when they lived, etc) would be far too confusing for Beauty at this time; so our very first dinosaur study is from the Biblical point of view.

I’m sure you can imagine how challenging it COULD be to find the appropriate curriculum on dinosaurs….since nearly every book states they lived billions of years ago as if it were fact.  Notice I said COULD?  Praise the Lord for Answers in Genesis who offer an excellent selection of dinosaur resources for all levels and ages.   In fact, they make up the bulk of our dinosaur curriculum.

Here is a list of what we are using:

    *denotes resource is from Answers.

*God Created the Dinosaurs of the World - a Biblical explanation of the creation of dinosaurs and how “the fall” affected them-coloring pages and stickers, ages 4+ 

*Dry Bones and other Fossils –an explanation of fossils; no age range indicated

Dinosaur Dinners  by DK Readers – a level 2 reader on names of different dinosaurs and a look at carnivores, etc.

Thomas-saurus Rex – a Thomas the train book

Dinosaurs 4 Favorite Stories  A level 1 Scholastic Reader Collection

*D is for Dinosaur –An ABC book through the Bible

*D is for Dinosaur DVD-a video compilation of the book

*Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel DVD


I am aware, of course, of the recent controversy surrounding Ken Ham and the Answers team.  If you are not already familiar with them, I suggest you check out what they  have to say before listening to the media and forming a rash opinion.

More on our dino study later….I made a purchase on eBay that I am super excited about!

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