Monday, April 4, 2011

Gearing Up for Spring Cleaning!

It is that time of year again.  Yep, spring is in the air so let's raise the windows and freshen up our homes.

Beauty will be camping with my folks this week so I intend to dive in and use up some elbow grease!

Sylvia over at The Christian Homekeeper Network is hosting a Spring Cleaning Event where she will be
providing tips on decluttering, lists of supplies and even a giveaway or two.  Check it out and get to cleaning! You KNOW you want to!

As for my own personal cleaning goals, the list is a mile long, but I hope to accomplish as much as my fibromyalgia and Lil Mister will allow.  All by the grace of God, dear friends!

I know there is a trend developing where more and more women are converting to homemade cleaning supplies and all-natural products.  I say, "Good for them, but I'm just not there yet".  My home does not feel clean unless it smells clean and I find "the old faithfuls" really make my home SMELL CLEAN.  My own personal favorites (and probably many of yours too) are the following:

Pine Sol
Lemon Pledge
Liquid Downy
and occasionally Borax

So what is on my mile-long list?  The standards:  clean out closets
                                                                          base boards
                                                                          freshen up paint
                                                                          bring out warm weather clothes and pack away winter
                                                                          plus a bunch more to do outside
I'll also use this time to pack up stuff to take to consignment or Goodwill. Oh, I have lots of sewing on my To-Do List as well.

What are some of your favorite cleaning products and projects this spring?


Alida said...

We just bought our home 6 weeks ago... no spring cleaning for us yet. We are in the painting and decorating stages. Best wishes on tackling your list!

Rebecca said...

Dropping by and following from the UBP11 I'm cleaning here, too! Ijust cleaned out, painted and organized our kitch, is our big supply/pantry!

Hope you'll drop by and say

LaDonna Rae said...

HI I’m LaDonna I’ve found you via the UBP, would love to have you stop by my place over at