Saturday, April 23, 2011

What will your children say

about you when you’ve passed?  More importantly, what will they say about your spiritual influence?  Will they rise up and call you blessed?

Do you darken the church door every time it opens?  Do you join a social network and leave Bible verses in your status? Do you generously give material things to others?  Do you decorate your home with Christian-themed quotes and plaques?  Do you regularly remind your children of God’s commandments?  Do you wear yourself thin preparing for a special church event?

Do you see where I am going with this?

All of the above are fine in and of themselves.  Commendable even.

Now let’s take a look at what your children really see.  You know, the stuff that happens behind closed doors.  The stuff you hope your children aren’t noticing, or if they notice, will understand your motives and/or thus promptly not pay it any attention.

Our real ministry….the one that will likely leave a much more permanent mark….is our family.  The role of a mother is one of privilege and great responsibility.  I dare say, in most homes, 99% of the time it is the mother that has the greatest influence on what their children see behind closed doors.  After all, the home is our domain.  It is where our children develop their world views, ethics and where much of their personality is shaped.  What an influence we mothers have!

So what do your children see behind closed doors? Where the truth of who you are resides?  Do they see the above works and find it consistent with the woman they know at home? 


Do they see a woman who emasculates her husband?  Her constant nagging, selfish demands chipping away at man given to her by God?  Do they see their once cheerful dad turning sour, bitter and resentful and know it was brought on by the woman created to be his help-meet but has instead spent their married life trying to control him?  Do they see a woman who grumbles and complains as a hobby?  Do they have cause to suspect that you aren’t “happy” unless you are miserable?  Does your spiritual influence lean more toward legalism and resemble that of the Pharisees?  Do they see a woman of faith and contentment, or one who worries, frets and becomes angry if money is running scarce?

I tell you ladies, no amount of scripture quoting, Christian décor or church service is going to amount to a hill of beans if your children see these ugly behaviors at home.  Sure, it is very possible they will still grow up to walk with Jesus, but they will not call you blessed or give you the credit.  They will honor you out of service to God, with forgiving hearts, as Christian adults…….or they may turn from the faith altogether! God forbid!!!

If you have gotten a glimpse of yourself in this post, repent and ask Jesus to help you become the woman He has purposed you to be.  Cast your cares upon Him.  If you are unhappy, only God can fill that void.  Not your husband. Not material things.  Not even good works.  Proverbs 14:1 reminds us that a “wise woman builds her home, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands”.  Let’s get to building!imagesCAUQWQIL

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