Monday, July 11, 2011

Publicly Praise Our Husbands

This may not be easy some days.  We get so caught up in our daily chores and activities, that all we notice is what he DOESN’T do right. 

He could be like Hubster and claim that he doesn’t need spoken appreciation.  Personally, I think that is a bunch of baloney Smile


Everyone needs to be told “thank you” and “good job” from time to time.  We come away feeling encouraged, valued and appreciated; and I think most men feel somewhat heroic when his wife gives him praise. 

So, let’s give it a try.  It can be praise for the obvious, “big” thing he did, but I’d bet you can find ways to praise him in the little things too.


I’ll go first:  this morning Hubster surprised me by cooking breakfast and having it ready when I woke up. No, I’m not talking about a bowl of cereal either!  Hashbrowns, turkey bacon and biscuits.  So what if everything was a little burnt; he NEVER cooks me breakfast!  He also washed last night’s dishes that I had left in the sink.  Good job JoJo and thanks!



Elizabeth @ Virginia Is For Mothers said...

Cute cartoon at the end!

It's hard to remember to thank our husbands for the little things but I've been trying to keep an eye out lately, even if it's something he does all the time anyway. Men just need the appreciation for sure! Thanks for the reminder!

Kristine said...

Way to go JoJo! It is so easy to criticize and let them know when they don't do something or do something wrong/bad, but why is it so hard for us (I'm talking to me here.) to praise them and give them thanks when they do something good? I needed to read this!