Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caught On Camera!

As you may recall, Hubs is a deer hunter.  He has a field camera set up in the fields behind our house, where he hunts, to see what kind of deer activity is going on during the in and off season. He has a salt block and a tub of water available for any nearby deer.  Occasionally I like to take out the memory card and see what has been captured.  Here are a few of the guilty parties caught on camera!  The b/w were taken at dusk or after it was already dark.





PICT0075That mask doesn’t hide your identity you thief!  That water is for the deer! lol

PICT0318A doe and her twin fawns. (Don’t worry-they are safe from the hunter’s aim.  He’s only interested in a trophy with the meat.)

You never know what (or who) might be lurking in the fields:

PICT0543PICT7387PICT0144Yes, the blades were off!!! I was assured. Smile

Gotta love the country.  Have a great day!

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