Monday, October 17, 2011


On Monday, October 10, Helana visited the ophthalmologist, Dr. Rivard, and was prescribed her first pair of glasses.

106_3752  She looks so cute and grown up!



Friday October 14 we visited the local pumpkin patch with our church’s youth group.  Devine’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is so much more than a pumpkin patch.  There is a corn maze to get lost in, a farm animal petting “zoo”, a cool  slide made out of a huge drain pipe and much more! After dark they light a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

106_3759Inside the drain pipe slide.  Beauty wasn’t so sure about going down a second time.  You slide very fast and have a bit of a rough landing-most people love it!

106_3758Buck went down only once, then decided it was safer to play in the hay and the “baby slide”.

106_3762My dad being a goof.  No one would race him.

106_3763The huge bouncy-thing was a big hit.

106_3767Buck wouldn’t ride this train made from barrels and pulled by a four-wheeler.  Beauty liked it though.

106_3772Buck, my dad and Beauty at the entrance of the less complicated “Kiddie Maze”.

106_3776Hayride to the pumpkin patch.


106_3779Searching for a pumpkin at twilight.

106_3780Buck and Hubs found theirs early and headed back for the wagon.  Notice the cool sky!


104_2615Buck last year at the farm animal petting area.

106_3760This year he couldn’t get enough! 106_3764

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