Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Your Phone Attached To The Side Of Your Head?

If you even have to think about it for a second, then let me tell you about a series released today in the blog world. 


Heather at Raising Mighty Arrows has opened the series with “Put the Phone Down” ….and “be a wife”.  She has linked to six other ladies writing about the same theme. 

I for one need this reminder.  Sometimes we all (well, at least I do) neglect our responsibilities in exchange for a friendly chat on the phone.  Calling a friend to share some recent exciting news or for a specific PURPOSE (i.e. prayer request, passing on of important information) is perfectly acceptable. But we need to keep it short. Not only does being on the phone too long cause us to neglect our duties, but it is also the breeding ground for gossip or slander cleverly disguised as “venting” or “being concerned”. 

So, after the kids go to bed take a few moments to click the link above and read some helpful and sound reasons as to why we should put down the phone (and other techy distractions).

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