Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Goodness, WHAT was THAT?!

They say everyone has some kind of gift or talent. These talents vary and can range anywhere from being a great athlete, having a photographic memory or to the rare gift of empathy. Well, this blog isn't about any of these lofty and admirable talents. This blog is about my dad. He is a man with several really good qualities. However he has a remarkable, and quite alarming, gift.

He has the Gift of Sneeze. Not familiar with that one? Well, if you know my dad you know what I am talking about. Let me elaborate. Today he and my Grandaddy Preston were walking around Save-A-Lot when all of a sudden my dad sneezed. "Came out of nowhere", he said. There was a clerk standing behind him, stocking shelves, when the explosion happened. I say explosion cause that is exactly what my dad's sneezes sound like. To hear Grandaddy tell it, the clerk nearly jumped out of her skin and walked away mumbling to herself and two old ladies on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE yelled, "My goodness! What was that?!" Supposedly the ground shook and the shelves vibrated. Ha ha! I am still laughing about it! Love Ya Dad!

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