Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adventures in Homeschooling-Could it be dyslexia?

Kindergarden is going very well but I am noticing some things that may be of concern, or she may just grow out of it. I realize it is not uncommon for early reader/writers to reverse letters, but there are other possible signs of dyslexia:
1. Difficulty controlling pencil, poor motor skills
2. Difficulty focusing on paper
3. Cannot seem to grasp concept of writing left-right and between the lines of the
4. Has, on a couple occasions, began writing "backwards", meaning, when writing the word "cat", she would make the "t" first, then the "a" but would still place the "a" to the left of the "t" .
5. I also read that a possible early sign is delayed speech. Helana has just this year began speaking in full sentences and still does not carry on much of a conversation.

We have applied at the Weiskopf Child Development Center and are still awaiting our appointment. I am very anxious to speak with them and get a diagnosis. I do not want Helana labeled, but I need to know what I am dealing with and how to customize my teaching style and approach.

I do not consider myself a paranoid mother who fears the worst for her child and "looks" for things to be wrong....however, no one can deny there is something "challenging" about Helana. Her family doc is treating her for ADHD and ODD, but I think her behavior is the result of not being able to properly express herself and a wacky wiring. I pray we won't have to wait much longer...I'd really like to know before the baby comes!

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