Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All Coming Together

It has been a very long time since I posted an entry...too long.

We finally have an appointment to have Helana evaluated at the Weiskopf Child Development Center in Louisville. Friday will be a long, but hopefully productive, day. We meet first with a child psychologist. She will then be evaluated by both a speech and occupational therapist. I hope we come away with some answers. Part of me has been tempted to say "she'll grow out of it" and not take her, but I want to provide her with the best education possible and something tells me the more we know about her development, the better I can teach her.

Some primary concerns we wish to discuss on Friday are: 1. she has a mental block when it comes to remembering/recalling her colors. 2. She is nearly 6 years old and still puts everything in her mouth. 3. I have to help her along with all school work. 4. She cannot write most letters...she can barely trace them and very few of them can she write unassisted. 5. Though she is speaking in more sentences, she does not engage or participate in much conversation like other kids her age. She still talks alot of nonsense.

Despite the above concerns, though, we are very proud that on a "good" day she can read 21 words. She can recite Genesis 1:1 by memory. She knows her seasons, days of the week, months, weather, continents, oceans etc. It is almost as if she has difficulty with the more simple concepts and is quick to learn the slightly more advanced. Maybe all will become clear on Friday.

Meanwhile, I am 37 weeks pregnant with baby boy Eastwood Frank. No, he is not named after Clint Eastwood. We are so excited and cannot wait for him to arrive! I want to have a natural birth with no, or limited, pain killers. I had an epidural with Helana and was so looney I have few memories of her birth. Plus, I HATED not being able to move from the waist down. I think Joey and I have a pretty good plan outlined and I know I'll be fine by the grace of God. The worst part is the waiting!!

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