Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Can We Expect?

The recent murder of a teen in Chicago last week has been nibbling and nagging at my mind so that I feel compelled to write a response to this deeply disturbing glance at society.

Derrion Albert, a sophomore honor student, wandered into the middle of a street fight where he ultimately lost his life. Officials say more than thirty teens were killed in Chicago last school year. For the complete story, click here.

To say such occurances are tragic would be a profound understatement and my heart goes out to the family of Derrion. However, I must ask: What can we expect, folks?
I mean really. The moral fabric of America is worn and tattered, to say the least. Can we really look on in shock and shake our heads when someone found it more important to video the killing than to call the police? Can we be appalled at the insanity of the crowd? Does it shock us that such acts are performed by kids?

Well, it shouldn't. Our children are being taught they are merely the advanced descendents of sludge and put here by a cosmic accident. Our culture has not only embraced the murder of the weakest among us, the unborn, but is downright obsessed with it. Life has little value and only then when it does not inconvenience someone else. We want to be able to behave like our animal relatives but are not willing to accept the consequences. We cannot be bothered with an unwanted pregnancy so let's terminate it, often at the expense of the taxpayer, because hey, it's better than the taxpayer paying for said child to be on welfare in the future, right? What's worse, if that termination fails, then we'll just leave the child in a closet till it dies. No big deal. It's all too much for me to stomach.

Well, as Christians, we cannot snub our noses at unbelievers for behaving like unbelievers. I blame us. I blame those self-professed Christians who either knowingly or unknowingly (ignorance isn't much of an excuse in this era of technology and knowledge) voted in supporters of such atrocities. A common Christian mantra is "what would Jesus do"...well? Can any true, Bible-believing Christian argue that Jesus would approve of infanticide or abortion? By choosing to ignore these issues during an election cycle, we are just as guilty as those who advocate for and perform these murders.

I realize I've kinda gone off on a ramble and stepped up on a soapbox. My question remains. When we sit silently by and look the other way, what can we expect? I'll tell you. More of the same and a perhaps not-so-gradual progession of atrocities among our youth.

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