Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helana had her first tooth to fall out today!  She had already lost a top front tooth when she was 18 mos from hitting her mouth on the tub.  They replaced it with a fake tooth so her learning to speak would not be affected, but last year an infection set up and it had to be pulled.  Well today a bottom tooth fell out naturally, with a little help from H. 
I felt so sorry for her when she showed it to me, exclaiming, "Oh NO!  Fix it! Fix it!"  I explained to her that it happens to all six-year-olds and that God has made it so she will have another tooth to grow in its place; just like her "big tooth" on top.  Then she expressed, in her own way, that she didn't want to go to speech therapy tomorrow with a missing tooth.  I assured her that Ms. Ruth and Ms. Vanessa were used to seeing kids with missing teeth and it would be just fine.  It happens to everybody, I told her.  Hee Hee.  Poor girl.  She was so concerned for a while.  I think I've finally put her mind at ease about the whole thing though.  (My mom later told me that she had told H that if she didn't stop putting everything in her mouth, her teeth would fall out-! Poor H, she must've thought that was what had happened!)

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