Monday, May 10, 2010

Where's Samantha or Jeannie When You Need Them?

Okay, so I like to clean. Weird? Perhaps. I like for things to be organized and uncluttered and company-ready. Does that always happen? Of course not. Nevertheless, I enjoy a good day of housework. What I absolutely despise with all my being is mopping my kitchen floor. HATE IT!!! Maybe it's because if I kept it up to my standards, I'd be doing it 10 times a day. Seriously. Give me windows; I'll even clean the toilet. But I hate the kitchen floor. I wish I could just twitch my nose or fold my arms in front of my chest while nodding my head and *DING* the floor sparkles. Of course, no matter how many times I announce it, my sweet husband never offers to do it for me. He suffers from selective hearing. (Don't they all?) Anyway, I'll be glad when Helana is old enough to do it for me-lol. Ahhh, that'll be the day.

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