Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: God's Promises for Girls

God's Promises for Girls by Jack Countryman and Amy Parker, a Thomas Nelson Publication, is a sweet little book outlining God's promises to girls.  Using the International Children's Bible, the book provides scripture verses for a variety of topics pertaining to character development and common concerns of, not only girls, but everyone in general.  

Examples of such topics are divided into small chapters and include "God's Promises When You Are Happy", "God's Promises of Help When You...don't feel important", "God's Promises About...the woman you'll grow up to be" and "God Promises About...being a good sister".  Each chapter includes delightful and colorful illustrations by Rachelle Miller.

I really like this little book, although, I would categorize it as "coffee-table" reading. Although each chapter is preceded with an introduction tailored to girls, I would prefer it include more commentary and pertinent stories along with the scripture verses so it would be more appropriate for bedtime.  However, God's Word speaks for itself and the simplicity of the book leaves lots of room for discussion with your child.

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