Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This is my very first Not Me! Monday entry.  Thought I'd share what I didn't do last week.

It was NOT ME who pulled up to the mailbox and discovered three packages crammed inside with my mail.  It was NOT ME who, as I was NOT pulling out the packages, allowed two letters to fall into the mud puddle below.  It was NOT ME who then got out of the car to retrieve the muddy letters and consequently emerged my flip-flopped foot into the mud puddle.  It was NOT ME who meanwhile forgot that my phone was in my lap and thus plopped it into the puddle as I was NOT getting out of my car to retrieve the letters that had NOT fallen into the puddle.

It was NOT ME who attended a baby shower on Sunday and got so caught up in chatting that I DID NOT forget to change E's diaper and so he DID NOT wet all over the front of his cute outfit.  It was NOT ME who forgot to pack him a change of clothes so it was NOT ME that had to have him sit at the shower in nothing but a diaper.
NOT ME, none of it!  I would never be so clumsy or scatter-brained.  I am perfect.  My kids say so.

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