Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SPD and baby

I knew that Eastwood was going to be a tough little fella before he was born, hence the name.  However, some grew concerned during the first few hours of his life.  You see, he was born with both the cord around his neck and having taken in macconium. The nurses had to to clean it out of course before he was allowed to take his first breath.  He spent the first four hours of his life on oxygen; without me being able to hold him.  Though I was naturally concerned, I was not worried.  I somehow knew he’d be fine; and he was.  After those first four hours, the nurses said one would never have guessed he had a rough start.  That’s my boy.
Anyway, that tough grit is going to come in handy as long as he is the little brother of a sensory seeker.  Helana adores her baby brother, but she simply does not understand how to be gentle with him.  She knows she is to be gentle, but is unable to be so.  She is consistently pressing on his head, legs or feet.  When she hugs, she does a “full nelson”, which of course makes him cry.  She also feels compelled to poke him in the eye.  Needless to say, she is under constant surveillance.  Despite our best efforts, we have been unsuccessful in deterring this behavior.
I have tried to teach her to place her hands in a praying position and push them together really hard when she feels the need to poke or pick at Eastwood.  She forgets.  Every time. 
We have just confirmed her condition and she is currently seeing an OT in conjunction with an ST.  I am hopeful that we will be able to create a sensory diet that works.  We already do some things, based upon my own personal research, that help somewhat.  As inconvenient and difficult it may be though, I realize we need to completely change our daily routine and personal habits to accommodate for SPD. 
May 2010 E 7 mos

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missykade said...

I just signed up for your blog and have you listed on our blog list.

We would love to have you follow Lucas on his journey as well. We have a wonderful review/giveaway up right now for a 10 pack DVD boxed set from Baby Genius. Be sure to enter and pass it on to anyone you think would be interested in following Lucas.

I love that you are open and willing to share your faith and thanks for sharing your story.