Monday, August 30, 2010

Day One of Creation: Science Study

Last week we began our science studies of the year.  We are beginning with the days of creation; which I consider to be the foundation of all knowledge. 
Beauty is making her own creation book, using a "Write Your Own Storybook" kit she received for Christmas a couple of years ago.  This week we completed a page for Genesis 1:1 and day one.

Our "Let there be light" study involved an experiment on how light passes through water and refraction.  The experiment involved filling a jar half-full with water and placing a pencil inside.  We were able to see how the pencil looked "bent".  Simple experiment, but she found it interesting.  We also discussed why the sky looks blue. 

We also had fun viewing images of space and how with just the spoken Word, it all came into existence.

Sorry, no pics cause my batteries died!


Mom of Many said...

This is a great idea Marcia! I'm not teaching science yet, but I think when I do start, hopefully mid-year for Klaira, I'll have to start with creation. I think I'll "borrow" your experiment, if you don't care. That's a great one!

Marcia said...

Go ahead! The atheists say science made God irrelevent, but they don't realize He CREATED science! Science doesn't override God, but simply REVEALS Him.
I love connecting the creation with fun science experiments. It further shows the glory of God!