Monday, August 30, 2010

Musical Monday

It’s Musical Monday at our home school.  This week we learned about percussion instruments.  We listened to some examples of percussion instruments and created our own little rhythms with stuff found around the house.

Beauty made her own tambourine using paper plates, which she decorated herself and filled with beans.  We pretended an empty Country Crock container was a bongo drum and Lil’ Cowboy jammed on his toy xylophone.


Completed lesson 21 in 100 Lessons; introducing short O, and reading a new word: sick.  Beauty wants to guess at the words instead of sounding them out, but is easily redirected.  She also says “that” whenever she sees “th”.  She tries very hard and is making progress.  That’s all I can ask. I am very proud of how far she has come.


We also talked about Day Two of Creation.  She did a cut-n-paste worksheet on the sky and drew a pic of the sky and ocean in her Creation book.102_2385

Beauty’s cutting skills are showing a huge improvement, too.

This afternoon, Mama Jean came for a visit and brought the kids a present.  Beauty loved her present!102_2379  A hot  pink wig!



On Saturday, we pulled out the finger paints and decorated the big box that Dad’s eBay purchase came in.102_2388 I tried to show Beauty how to draw a picture (hey, I’m nothing if not an artist-lol), but she had more fun just squishing the paint in her hands and smearing it on the box.

102_2387 It was an excellent tactile experience.

Lil’ Cowboy got into it too. Here’s his smeared hand print.102_2389

He couldn’t wait to give the new club house a try! :)102_2386

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Tracy S. said...

So cute with the box! Isn't it amazing how much kids love a cardboard box?