Monday, September 13, 2010

Today, We…..

I am beginning a new daily post on our everyday activities.  I don’t expect my regular readers to pay much attention to it as it is hardly thrilling reading.  This is just to satisfy my need to list things and for those skeptics who wonder if we actually do anything all day.  Note: Most of the activities involve Beauty, but be aware that Lil Cowboy is present for each, unless he is napping.


Woke up

Morning Prayer

Morning chores

Breakfast-scrambled eggs

Saw Dad off to work

Got dressed/brushed teeth

Looked at calendar, changed daily chart.  Checked the weather and noted it on our weather wheel.  Began a graph on weather.

I got a phone call, so took a quick break.

Began Social Studies lesson on family.

“Shake it off” break

Reading lesson 25

Handwriting-n , o, and practiced writing phonetically-“not”, “is”, “am”; first and last name



Computer free-time

Math: wrksht addition/subtraction of pumpkins

             practice writing 1-10, and drawing corresponding number of dots under each number

Supper-Gorton’s fish sticks, mixed vegetables from a can, drained and rinsed, cooked on stove top.


Musical Monday!  Bluegrass Music-to go with our study on KY.  Listened to CD while cleaning Beauty’s room; identified the instruments we heard, such as  fiddle, banjo and guitar.

TV time

Read I See (early reader) and reviewed sight words flashcards.  * Beauty did a great job sounding out her words.

Bath for Beauty. (Lil Cowboy playing in crib)

Braintastic Math Skills Computer Game

Bath for Lil Cowboy and bed

Beauty listened to downloaded music

Ate oatmeal

Brush teeth. night prayer and bed for Beauty

*Beauty was such a good girl today, and Lil Cowboy explored as usual.



Anonymous said...

I always love reading about your day it is so interesting to me as a mom...your doing a beautiful job with the kids! I have faith that I can do it myself i just do not know where to start..Keep up the good work...


Marcia said...

Thanks Sandra-it really means a lot to me!