Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today We…9/14/10

Today was a chaotic day since Beauty woke up very rambunctious and incompliant.  This is what we have managed to do.

Woke up

Morning prayer


Got dressed/brushed teeth

Changed daily chart/calendar/weather wheel/weather chart

Needed milk so went to Dollar Store.

Fixed lunch

Flash card words:  Helana can read the following words

By sight:  me, look, that, see, is, cat, the, what

By sounding it out and almost by sight:  sad, seed, this, eat, meat, not, dog, at, mat, sat, it, sit, am, sam, read, seem, mad, rat




Began preparing supper

Reading lesson 26

               Beauty has a great deal of trouble with reading comprehension




Not much was accomplished today, but that is the way it goes sometimes.  We pick up and try and do better tomorrow.

Beauty is in trouble at the moment because she picked off another key on the laptop keyboard.  That leaves us having to replace the H and P keys.

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