Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carried by angels

We were unsure if we were going to be able to leave our cabin in the Smokies.  It snowed at least 8 inches where we were, with Gatlinburg receiving 15 inches!  The driveway was steep and icy. Hubby shoveled the drive on Dec. 26, but when it came time to leave the next day, it was still very icy. Here’s pics of the driveway on Christmas day, and then the big difference a day can make:


driveway chrstmas dayDec 25driveway dec26 Dec 26


  My dad, the veteran driver, managed to get our Blazer down the driveway.  Correction: it slid down the driveway.  We then walked (okay, I fell ONCE but the snow softened the blow) down the drive to our Blazer. 

We had forgotten that the road we had to take to get to the main road also had a steep and long hill THAT CURVED. When we came upon it, hubby said, “oh shoot” and I was afraid he was going to go into a panic attack; after all, we had two children in the back and obviously did not want to wreck. So I began praying aloud, then I said, “Look, we have angels on all sides of us.  It’s going to be okay.  Can you see them?”.  It helped him to not  freak out, but it was also the truth.  We slid for I don’t know how long, but as soon as I began asking for angels to protect us, a peace came over me and I JUST KNEW they were there.  They carried us to the bottom and on to the main road, which was considerably better.  To God be the glory! 

We arrived home last night, safe and deeply grateful for our miracle.

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