Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas in the Smokies Part 1


Once again we spent Christmas in the Smokey Mountains with my family.

We awakened this morning to a white Christmas!

Beauty and Lil Mister opened some gifts from us, since my sister and her husband would not arrive until tonight and the majority of the gift exchange would happen then.

104_3019 104_3023 Beauty has been asking for this Fur Real cat for months.  Funny story:  even though it was wrapped, it meowed the entire drive and Beauty heard it.  Fortunately,  she thought our real cat had somehow gotten trapped inside the boot of the blazer.Long awaited touch MP4

104_3026 She was so happy to finally get her touch MP4 player.

 104_3028 104_3029


104_3032 104_3035 Christmas dance with Mama Jean.

After breakfast, we had a nap and then hubby and I made the trek out and about around town.

104_3036 104_3039 

104_3040The steep drive way.


104_3042 Our cabin

104_3043 View from the back porch


104_3047 Dad and hubby munching on sausage balls

104_3049 Grilling in the snow

104_3051 Beauty could not wait to get in the hot tub.



104_3055 In the hot tub with a slight snow fall.

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Emily :) said...

How fun!!! Glad you had a great Christmas! Can't get over that hot tub pic in the snow! :)