Monday, December 20, 2010

P*** Family Christmas 2010

We had a nice time Saturday at our Christmas gathering with my dad’s side of the family. 

Gdaddy87yrsChristmas2010 Here is my grandfather, 87 years old and lookin’ good!

Christmas20102 Here he is again, loaded down with goodies.

Christmas20103 Lil Cowboy has graduated to Lil Mister-here he is wishing someone would open the cool truck someone just gave him.

Christmas20104 He makes a cute present, doesn’t he?

Christmas20105 He was very interested in cousin “l"’s musical teapot.  I don’t think she was willing to give it up, but was kind enough to let him look.

Christmas20106 Cousin “L” climbed in my mom’s lap, but Lil Mister wasn’t willing to share his Mama Jean.

Christmas20107 My cousin “D” didn’t quite make it up the icy driveway.  At least he didn’t crash into my dad’s school bus!

Prestons2010 Here we all are!

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